In case you’ve been struggling with thinning or receding hair, you might have attempted quite a few different remedies to be able to prevent or reverse the consequences.

However, if your hair loss is severe or does not respond to therapy, you may decide that a transplant is the correct option for you. You will have to look for the best hair transplant clinic in Jaipur for your treatment.


Hair removal are an process that is safe and immensely popular and are known as low risk. But to make sure the procedure goes as smoothly as possible and so as to get the best results, it is still very important to prepare.

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Normally during or immediately after the medical examination the surgeon or adviser will review each the required pre-operation instructions with the individual. On the next pages are a few of the guidelines utilized by physicians to familiarize you.

The value of adhering to the directions of a doctor and adhering to the pre- and - post-operation guidelines you will be given cannot be minimized.


The section isn’t meant to replace the advice or directions given by hair trans-plant adviser or your physician.

These aren’t exhaustive lists they function as a summary of those guidelines before undergoing hair restoration operation, you want to follow.


Below are a few:


Even though you may be feeling somewhat worried about the operation, and may be craving cigarettes that will assist you keep calm, they’re in reality an extremely poor idea.


It is extremely useful if you’re able to quit smoking any tobacco products at least a day prior to the transplant occurs. That is because smoking may delay your healing, also may have a negative effect on the recovery of a wound.

Quitting smoking 24 hours until you get your transplant and waiting till after you’ve got a cigarette could offer a far greater prospect of your graft healing nicely.


Hair cut:-

You may think that it’s a fantastic idea to have a haircut before the transplant, so you seem smart and well-presented, and it is easy for the surgeon to navigate their way round.


In fact, obtaining a haircut is the worst thing that you can do along with your physician will require decent development on the donor hairs to make it less difficult to transplant. Additionally, a cut can help cover stitches or any scar place up before the donor region has cured.


Comparable to smoking, alcohol may influence the recovery process negatively so using a drink of”Dutch courage” ahead isn’t suggested.


Your surgeon will provide you a bit of advice on what to do but generally speaking, the minimum period of time which needs to be left between your alcoholic beverage and operation is three times. There should be no less than a week involving your transplant process along with drinking.


Some kinds of drugs can help determine the cosmetic surgery and the recovery process and should not be taken from the run-up into a baldness.


Some anti-inflammatories and aspirin must be stopped. Other kinds comprise those prescribed for depression and hypertension, in addition to blood thinners and beta blockers.

You shouldn’t just stop therapy or any medication without medical oversight. Your own hair transplant surgeon will inform you if the medicine you’re taking can interfere with your process.


Vitamin nutritional supplements:-

You might well be keen to maintain the best possible state of health prior to your transplant, to have the best prospect of a successful graft.


But, nutritional supplements and multivitamins come under the very same principles as other kinds of medication and ought to be stopped at the very least a fortnight prior to your transplant.


From the run-up for a transplant, a normal hair and mind massage could be helpful to the procedure.


Only rubbing your scalp for 10 minutes daily, or 30 minutes if you’ve got enough time, will assist the skin to soften and get the blood flowing efficiently. Both these factors are vital to the achievement of your hair follicles in the long run.

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